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Another Embarrassment for CNN: Piers Morgan Beclowns Himself, Again

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Ben Shapiro is one of the brightest lights among young conservatives, and the Harvard Law training showed up last night as he calmly dissected Piers Morgan into little quivering pieces.

If you haven’t yet watched the exchanges, do so here.

If you haven’t yet purchased Ben’s new book, Bullies, do so here.

Bullies: How the Left's Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans


The latest Morgan meltdown –he was reduced to his panic “poker tell” when he launched into an incoherent filibuster, refusing to allow Shapiro to answer questions or complete arguments and then dismissing the Constitution as Ben’s “little book,”– is the result of the latest stunt Morgan has attempted to pull to save his show, which has to be on the CNN chopping block as new management and especially as Jake Tapper approaches.  Morgan has thrown all in with the “do something, anything” crwod of gun control absolutists afte Newton as an attenmpt to position his inevitable dismissal as a yielding by CNN to NRA nutters.  The transparency of the ruse is laughable, but it is all that Piers has left given his viewership numbers.

Whatever CNN is planning to use Tapper for, the serious journalist ought to hold down this primetime slot in addition to his other duties and make it into a news show with balanced sets of guests and Tapper’s trademark tough but serious questioning of all concerned.  Such a show will swamp all the competition because real journaiism has been abandoned by CNN after Wolf closes up for the night, and the Anderson Cooper brand has been badly damaged by serial misfires, the latest being the New year’s eve vulgarity –yes, of course Walter Cronkite would so such things– and the relatively quick abandonment of the Sandy victims because disaster stumpiong in your backyard may require more than furrowed brows.

A real news show on CNN after 6 PM.  Who’d have thunk it.

Signs like the Tapper contract point to an attempt to rebuild CNN as a real news network.  Good.  Such a renewal would be welcome.  But how long the suits allow Piers to destroy the network’s ability to reach out to center-right Americans is an interesting dilemma.  Morgan’s numbers are horrible and his beat downs by Jonah Goldberg and Ben have marked him as a lightweight which ten thousand paradoies of interviews with Alex Jones could never undo.  In the background is his contemptible record in Great Britain which few in the States know of but which inform the better critiques of Morgan’s trademark histrionics.

Shairpo had Morgan at the moment the young man called out the aging poser for exploiting the deaths of children and doing so incoherently and rudely.  Imagine if Ben had brought up that Morgan was an eavesdropping voyeur as well, and one to whom the title perjurer could well be appended.  Now that would have been even better fun.

Morgan will be doing carnivals in the countryside before long, an aging would-be elitist without the intellectual chops to be an elitist.  Larry King must wacth and wonder every night: What were they thinking.


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