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Ann Coulter And Michael Richards

Saturday, March 3, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Ann Coulter is a political comedian who, like Michael Moore, often offends, and sometimes crosses the bounds of decency.

Yesterday she entered the territory where Michael Richards went when he employed the n-word to abuse a heckler.  When Coulter employed the f-word to abuse a candidate, she made herself radioactive because the word is a simply invitation to hate.  It was repulsive.

I cannot imagine Coulter being invited to any panel or television appearance on which I would want to appear.Colleges and universities must also stop inviting her to appear as a representative of the conservative movement in America.  She is not.  You want smart, accomplished and funny conservative women?  Ask K-Lo, Laura Ingraham or Carol Liebau to appear, or chose from scores of others.  But not Ann Coulter –she represents only a snarl and a deep need to be noticed.

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