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Andrew Sullivan’s Shame

Tuesday, July 31, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I just checked in after flying across the country, and think these are a few of the most devastating paragraphs I have ever read, posted by Dean earlier today:

Does Andrew think nobody notices? He attacks General Petraeus as a man of no integrity and bluntly accuses him of a willingness to lie, and then asserts “[t]here’s been no ‘smearing’ of General Petraeus, as far as I can see.”

There are only three possible explanations: (1)Sullivan does not understand his libel of General Petraeus on July 18 to be offensive, which would reveal Sullivan as an individual of no honor at all; (2)Sullivan forgot he smeared Petraeus; or (3)Sullivan doesn’t care what people think of him, provided they think of him. (I fell for it before, but no more.)

For a concise summary of the smears directed at Petraeus, including a citation to Sullivan’s, see this.

Even the anti-war fringe must be disgusted with Sullivan, who is with them until he realizes that he’s gone a slanderous bridge too far.

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