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Andrew Sullivan’s Definition of “Hateful?”

Friday, February 17, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From Andrew Sullivan’s website today:

Bottom line: Hugh Hewitt is not as hateful as Eric Alterman, as any reader can see for themselves.

Andrew does not link to any post of mine on which to base his characterization of me as “hateful.” I don’t believe there are any. I disagree with him often and sometimes note those disagreements. I oppose the judicial imposition of same sex marriage. But I don’t believe Sullivan can come up with any post to support this wild assertion.

Andrew Sullivan regrets his wording. Good form, that.

Now I am “far right,” however, which while certainly better than hateful, is simply not true by any objective measure of conservative ideology. I think AS intends to say “very partisan,” a charge to which I will plead.

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