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Andrew Breitbart’s Analysis Of Last Night’s Election Results

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HH: But to discuss last night, I’m joined now by Andrew Breitbart of and and Andrew, I want to doff my hat to you. I really believe that one of the reasons a bigger effort at fraud was not mounted in New Jersey is because of the gutting you and your colleagues delivered to ACORN earlier this year. Your reaction?

AB: I was getting a lot of that on Twitter last night, and the credit really needs to go to Hannah and James. But I would extend that beyond that. I think that what happened, because of the ACORN story and the way that it was bundled, weirdly enough with the other story on my other site with Patrick Courrielche’s story on the NEA, these stories were bundled together at these little websites that could in order to shame the mainstream media. And I think that at the end of the day, the mainstream media was the biggest loser last night. And I just saw that CNN was number four last night on an election night of the cables. And I think that that’s extraordinary. It’s not just a victory for the American people and for the Republican Party. I think it’s a victory for those in the new media who have wanted to take down the old infrastructure. You’re never going to get that front page of the…I think everybody’s falsely expected that the New York Times is going to admit defeat above the fold and in big, bold letters. This yesterday was going around the system. Everyone, every entity, every organization in this country, media, education, has all been established in order to abide by this president’s authoritarian presidency. And I think that the American people showed their spirit last night, and have showed their spirit over the last eight months, that democracy requires vigilance.

HH: Now Andrew Breitbart, do you believe that there has been a fundamental, excuse me, Andrew, Andrew Breitbart, do you believe that there’s been a fundamental rescission, revocation, turning away from the temporary infatuation with Obama?

AB: I think that they’re in Humpty Dumpty phase of trying to put President Obama back together again. The reason why I think that it’s going to be difficult is because from what I can tell, and they’ve given him enough time to come up with a tertiary skill set, is that he has two skills that I can see. One is elocution, speaking to people, being able to read that teleprompter. Very early on, we were able to isolate that. And any time where you see that he goes off of the teleprompter, he has a very difficult time. And so we’ve kind of exposed that. We’ve also been able to kind of say to him okay, you can speak, now lead. So I think that he’s sort of been neutralized in that regard. His secondary skill set was community organizing. Well, before the election, before the exposure of ACORN and the type of intimidation you started to see with SEIU down in St. Louis, you know, with Kenneth Gladney, people are staring to realize that that skill set isn’t benevolence and helping out the poor. It’s actually a very scary tactic that people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been using for years, using Alinksy’s tactics in order to intimidate the masses. And I think those are his two skill sets. And the ACORN scandal were very effective in isolating them, and recognizing that this guy has two skills. What’s his third one? And I think they’re trying to figure out is this guy as impressive a political politician as he was made out to be.

HH: Andrew, are there more ACORN videos to come?

AB: Oh, yeah, I’m glad you asked. Yes, there are.

HH: When do we see them?

AB: You know, we’re playing it by ear. You know, the media continues to lie. You know what’s interesting? I have more documentation, I have more document dumps on ACORN right now than my limited amount of resources can go through. I do not know one newspaper or one network that’s investigating ACORN, but I can tell you about five that are investigating Hannah, James and me. And until they start investigating ACORN and asking me for some of these documents that I’ll provide them, that show how corrupt this organization is, I’m going to continue to play those videos like the game that they’re playing us for.

HH: Andrew, we’ve got thirty seconds. Do you need funding, if there are people out there who want to invest in Big Government? Or is that a closely held you don’t need it?

AB: I’m looking for George Soros to turn, to realize he bet on the wrong horse, and to realize that he comes to the right side, because that’s the only, that’s where the real money is. I’ve come to realize there’s no money on the right. That’s like a huge fallacy. Yeah, of course I need money. I’m working out of my basement still.

HH: Okay, Andrew Breitbart, from your lips to our audience’s ears. If you can’t find Andrew, write me. I will.

End of interview.


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