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Andrew Breitbart on NPRscam

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Andrew Breitbart joined me to discuss the widening NPR expose. The transcript will be posted here later.

HH: Joined now by Andrew Breitbart of Andrew, always a pleasure, we’ve only got six minutes, so I’ve got to go fast here.

AB: All right.

HH: Andrew, how come James O’Keefe didn’t debut this blockbuster with you?

AB: Well, he didn’t debut his unions gone wild-New Jersey story with me, either. And there’s a strong reason for that. I see how the left behaves. I see how Media Matters and John Podesta behave. And they’ve tried to create a wedge between us to make the story not about the story, and what James was able to catch on NPR, but about James and Andrew, and how they work together. And the first response from Eric Boehlert and Media Matters was about, is Breitbart not working with O’Keefe? Well, I’ve certainly talked to him about it. I was certainly aware of what he did. I certainly gave him advice on how he should handle this. And it comports with my advice on ACORN. And that was ubiquity mattered. We could not break the ACORN story on a site called It had to have ubiquity. So we went to Fox News, we went to every news organization possible, and we put it on YouTube. I told James, you put this on YouTube, not on proprietary Breitbart software, because you have to become legitimized as an independent reporter in order for this, your project, and your desires to change the media, and to report stories that the mainstream media won’t report. And so I stepped back, and I watched him break the story, and I come in so I don’t become the story, because this story’s too important to allow for it to be diverted into selectively edited video. And all the other propaganda points that you hear, or you know, or the attacks on me, why are you working with Breitbart, why is O’Keefe working with Breitbart, why is Breitbart working with O’Keefe? We needed this story to stand on its own.

HH: Now great strategy on it. He’s leaning into everything. He’s on CNN, he came on this show. He’s everywhere he wants, he gets asked to be. And I asked him all the tough questions so that he gets asked them again and again. Did you guys plan this? Did you, not plan this, did you advise him to lean into the story and be available to the max as soon as it launched?

AB: I always advise James O’Keefe to work with individual reporters, and only to not trust them when they’ve burned you. You know, you have to play with the media in order to get the media. And it’s a very difficult dance to learn, because at the end of the day, many of them would love to have James or my scalp. So you have to learn how to play that minefield.

HH: Now over at, at this hour, they have up Dan Glickman appointed the new head of Aspen Institute Congressional program, and they have Aspen Institute taps Ronald Schiller as new director of arts program. Do you think Aspen is more or less enamored of Ron Schiller after this story breaks, Andrew Breitbart?

AB: Is that a classic rhetorical question?

HH: (laughing)

AB: We’ve reached out to the Aspen Institute, and they have not responded to us. NPR has a few questions to ask. At the beginning of the day, their statement was that they repeatedly rejected the money from this Muslim Brotherhood front operation. Later in the day, their media reporter, David Folkenflik elaborates on that, and simply states that they were looking up their 501c3 status, in essence that they were vetting. So I believe NPR’s been caught in a lie. And I don’t think they’re going to be able to prove that they tried to reject the Muslim Brotherhood money. I think that’s where the scandal is, and that people don’t see that right now.

HH: Andrew, oh, I do. I think this is like the Titanic after the hit of the iceberg, before they realized the damage done. I think this is such an epic story on many levels. What do you think? Is this as big as I think it is?

AB: I didn’t, when I saw what I saw last week, the last thing I saw was their worry, was the showing of institutional bias vis-?-vis the intemperate comments of Ron Schiller. That’s the least of their problems.

HH: Now in terms of when you expect it to roll out, when does the next show drop?

AB: I’ll quote James O’Keefe on that. That could happen any moment, it could happen tomorrow, or it could happen next week.

HH: Do you know why that’s so lovely? Because it puts them in the position that most of the MSM victims of the last 40 years has been in, which is they don’t know what’s coming next.

AB: Well, let me tell you this. When the ACORN story happened, Carol Leonnig of the Washington Post asked me what I thought of it. And I said I thought it was the Abu Ghraib of the Great Society. And she said oh, come on, that’s outrageous. You’re not allowed to state that. And she also said that those were just a bunch of dummies. Well, I showed, I think that showed Washington Post and Carol Leonnig’s prejudice, because I thought those people on ACORN looked pretty smart. But I don’t think that the NPR people have acted any smarter than the ACORN apparatchik when confronted with their antics caught online. And right now, I think that NPR responded so quickly with a response that just did not make sense to me, and I think they’ve given James O’Keefe a second life here tomorrow…or the next day…or next week.

HH: Andrew Breitbart, always a pleasure,, America.

End of interview.



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