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And In This Corner, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley….

Sunday, June 26, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Byron York gives the overview of the robed scuffle that has launched a thousand internet posts.

Amazed that such things can happen? See the film version of David Mamet’s Oleanna. With six Supreme Court Justices as participants and witnesses, any serious investigation will get the true account out. If the matter drops from sight, the true account will not be the one attempting to damage the reputation of Justice Prosser.

Ann Althouse is the go-to on this controversy, but a good guide is to seek the explanation that accounts for all accounts.

In a recent interview I asked Mamet about Oleanna.

“[I]t had the most violent reaction at the time [it was staged],” he told me. He continued:

I mean, there were physical manifestations of violence just about every night – people screaming at the stage, throwing things at the stage, or indeed fighting with each other, arguing. We’d come out and almost every night, there was a couple arguing with each other, screaming at each other, or pushing each other, saying how can you say that?

Strange things happen in highly-pressurized situations, which all of Wisconsin appears to have become. The serial attempts to destroy Justice Prosser are good warnings to the participants in all such confrontations with the left that the Soros-funded Alinskyites are going to use every tactic and run over every reputation that stands in their way.

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