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An Astonishing Decision, Inconsistent with Common Sense, Which Should Be Repudiated by the President Immediately

Thursday, June 1, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Department of Homeland Security has made funding decisions that are simply absurd, and recognized as such immediately by Americans of every political stripe. These allocations should immediately be withdrawn by order of the president for re-evaluation in light of the obvious threats which face population centers and the great cities of the United States.

Like the ports deal, these proposed funding allocations cannot be defended. To attempt to do so is to drag out the embarrassment. Pull them back, get some serious people in the room, and rework the numbers to reflect the wisdom of the many which understands that al Qaeda goes back to its targets again and again.

It has targeted New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

Like the debate on the border fencing and the House Leadership’s position on the Jefferson papers, the repeated pratfalls on these obvious issues suggests that the White House needs to get more control over its agencies, and more communication with the Congress if the GOP majorotoes are going to be maintained in the fall.

The only bright light in the past few weeks has been the resolute response to Iran coupled with the Iranian regime’s refusal to be understood as anything except what it is, the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and the passage of the tax cuts, reminding people in all three instances that there are great differences between the parties, and no matter how disappointing the GOP is on some issues, the answer can never be electing more Democrats.

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