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Amendment 43 and the Colorado MSM

Monday, October 23, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The three Catholic bishops of Colorado issue a letter urging the Catholic faithful to vote yes on Amendment 43 and no on Referendum I.

The Denver Post has not run a story on the letter.

The Rocky Mountain News ran a brief notice of the letter on Friday.

Today the Rocky Mountain News runs a long and glowing portrait of Tim Gill, a very wealthy gay rights activist who has dumped $5 million into Colorado politics this season, about half of it into the I campaign, and much into 527s supporting Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter and Democratic congressional candidate Ed Perlmutter.

The filtering of news –choosing to downplay or ignore an important letter from the recognized leaders of all of Colorado’s Catholics while lavishing space on a wealthy lefty activist– is what makes MSM bias so obvious and also so destructive of the circulation of the MSM.  Why buy a crooked product?  Why advertise in damaged brands that are rejected as unreliable outside of their sports pages?

A year ago the Denver Post’s daily circulation was 264,301, and its Sunday circulation 725,178.

Six months ago the Post’s daily circulation had dropped again to 255,452.  The paper’s daily circulation was 305,060 in December of 2002. The Sunday paper’s circulation was 789,137.

In four years the daily circulation has dropped by 50,000 subscribers, and the Sunday circulation by more than 60,000 subscribers. It lost nearly 10,000 daily subscribers in the last six months alone.

Now if you were a Colorado Catholic, would you be more or less inclined to subscribe to the Post now that you know it can’t make time to mention much less analyze an unprecedented letter from all three bishops?

Sure, the internet is hurting old media.  But the decline of the editorial product is a sort of journalistic assisted suicide as well.

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