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Amendment 43 and MSM

Sunday, October 22, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Colorado’s Amendment 43 defines marriage.  It is a one sentence long:

“Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state.”

Dan Haley has been an editorial writer for The Denver Post since September 2002, and writes the bi-monthly “Haley’s Comment” as well as a blog.

On Friday, Haley deemed an anti-43 ad as the best political ad of the season.

You can watch the ad here, at an anti-43 website.

I bring the ad and Haley’s blog to your attention for the simple reason of illustrating just how out of touch MSM is with ordinary voters and especially center-right voters.

In my opinion the ad isn’t very funny, but rather is in fact transparently off-point, a lame attempt to change the subject by casting 43 as an attempt to change the subject.

More to the point: The ad doesn’t help the cause of those it supposedly serves but instead plays to the already opposed while doing nothing –or worse– to convert supporters of 43.

The ad conveys a classic canard of the left: Center-right voters are pretty dumb, easily manipulated and can’t focus on two subjects at once.  It also mocks the president, though with a Bush impersonator who couldn’t be very charging much above minimum wage.

I am happy to link to the ad because it will motivate GOP and pro-marriage turn-out in Colorado because it insults the pro-marriage crowd and the GOP.

But it also underscores a much larger issue: In praising the ad, Mr. Haley doesn’t know his own business. 

Really doesn’t know his own business, which is supposed to be politics and public affairs.

But he’s an editorial writer and columnist/blogger for the state’s biggest newspaper.

Given that you have a plumb line in Haley’s assessment of the ad, what does that tell you about his judgment generally? And the Denver Post’s?


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