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Alright – Enough Already!

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I was the most reluctant of Trump voters.  I kept hoping for some sort of divine intervention to give me a reasonable option, but it never came.  I have a great deal of sympathy and empathy  with those who wish someone else was being inaugurated today.  But, and this is a huge BUT!, the meltdown on the left over Trump has got to stop.  Disagree, debate, protest even, but the disbelief in the result and the efforts to delegitimize it have got to come to an end.

Here’s the thing – when you go too far you are not just dismissing Trump – you are dismissing those of us that voted for him – all of us, even reluctant Trump voters such as myself.  That is, and I hate to break this to you, a form of bigotry.  The descent of your demi-god Obama is being met not by the end of bigotry which was the grand hope of his presidency, but by a new bigotry.  Most news outlets are trying to treat this seriously, but any commentary, and certainly the comic news world of late night television, is treating this whole thing like a joke, like Trump voters are second-class citizens, like this is the temporary rise of the stupid.  I think Jesus said something about sin and throwing stones.

This I can promise you, the voters that put Trump over the top – we reluctant Trump voters – did so with great deliberation and purpose.  We are not stupid, we are not evolutionary throwbacks, and we are certainly not willing to be dismissed.  This choice was made by Americans, more like you than you want to admit.  I am sick and tired of the insult and degradation.  The more you do so, the more I find my normal moderation leaving me.  The more you speak of me and my fellow Trump voters as if we are somehow chimps that escaped the zoo and found our way to the voting booth, the more I find Trump’s campaign rhetoric that made it so difficult for me to vote for him to begin with, appealing.

In a very few hours Donald J. Trump will be the President of the United States.  Get used to it, you have at least four and probably eight years of it.  It is time to start acting like Americans.


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