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All The Kings’ Horses and All The Kings’ Men…

Tuesday, September 28, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Rahm’s gone. Out the door after Summers, Roemer and Orszag.

Now Axelrod is packing.

And, suppress laugh, “Robert Gibbs may move into a senior strategy post,” according to Mike Allen. The man who made Scott McClellan look dynamic and clear-thinking gets kicked upstairs to a windowless office and away from a press that, despite its slavish love for his boss, he could not remotely begin to manipulate to hide the rolling collapse of the Adminsitration. Whether Gibbs thought up “Recovery Summer” doesn’t matter. What matters is he was so poor a manager of messaging that this disaster-of-a-press-secretary let it escape the Veep’s always moving lips.

So most of the big power behind Obama is scampering, aware that the boss is clueless about how to govern when he had massive majorities and unlikely to improve hisgame against a much more GOP Congress.

The country needs to deliver the GOP a substantial margin in the House so that there is a strong center of national power somewhere inside the Beltway. Two more years of drifting from slogan to spending spurt to canard to massive expenditure to childish tantrum plus Stephen Colbert won’t get the country out of the ditch into which Team Obama has driven it.


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