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All Day, Every Day, From Now Until November: Let Obama Preach Tire Inflation

Tuesday, August 5, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Please, God, let Obama keep talking about tires from now until November.

And please let Obama keep insulting those who have concluded that tire inflation is not an energy policy.

I think Allen Colmes may have been miffed with me on tonight’s show when I said as much, but the contrast between the uber-serious John McCain and the dilettante from Chicago’s South Side is never more obvious than when the latter is lecturing America on tire care.

Unless when it is talking about the war against the jihadists, the war McCain wants to win and which Obama is pledged to forfeit.

Obama already has a running mate –named Pelosi. He and she don’t care what you pay at the pump and have no realistic plan to drive that price down. Since McCain and the House GOP began demanding drilling, the cost of oil has plummeted.

Any vote for any Congressional Democrat is a vote for Pelosi as Speaker.

Every voter ought to be seeing Nancy Pelosi’s face every time they fill up at the pump. She simply does not care what you are paying for gas. And Obama-Pelosi will not change if they win in November.

Imagine what the price at the pump would be if both of America’s major parties were in favor of finding and using America’s vast energy resources.

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