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Al Gore Encore

Tuesday, February 14, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Mark Steyn on Al Gore’s astonishing speech in Saudi Arabia:

This may be the all-time great example of Gore’s tone-deafness. He’s attacking Bush for not kissing up to the House of Saud enough. Even those in the most advanced stages of Bush Derangement Syndrome know that that’s a loser – half of Fahrenheit 9/11 is devoted to the President’s cosiness with Bandar, Abdullah and co. With this speech, Sheikh al-Gore sets an impressive new standard of insanity that even star performers like Kerry, Dean, Kennedy, Leahy and Biden will find very hard to match.

Does Gore need investors for his new network, The response from the public and cable carriers has been underwhelming.

(HT: Powerline, which also has a post on the speech.)

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