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Ah, The Sneer and Smear Of The Left: Panic in Barack Park

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Maureen Dowd tips her never-very-subtle hand this morning, trying along with Nicholas Kristof to revive the “Romney’s to blame” and “Romney’s dangerous” memes in the face of the mounting evidence of the collapse of the president’s appeasement policy and the risible absurdity that the video snippet had anything like a “but for” effect in Libya, Egypt, Yemen and elsewhere. The very foolishness of that argument is a disqualifier for anyone who makes it, a sort of instant signal of ignorance of the nature of the Salafists. Send whomever makes it a copy of The Looming Tower. The video might be a very conveninet excuse for a few of the radical Imams, but many more simply want the triumph of Islam and the power that comes with the mob and the mob is easily turned out these days.

The charming use of “slither” in the title of Dowd’s column reminds us of the president’s commitment to a new politics of civility, often emphasized with a single finger crossing his cheek. Romne/Ryan needs to send flowers to her for dropping the mask of world-weariness the president’s followers often use. Appeasement is better dressed up in weary realism, not angry, spitting shrieks demanding silence from all critics who see that in fact, there are tanks at the airport.

Rasmussen has Romney up a point today, and that is quite amazing given the concentrated fire of the MSM on Romney all week. Turns out that most of America is very concerned that terrorists can track and kill our ambassador and his security team in one country as other embassies are breached around the Muslim world. Even CNN -CNN!– is reporting on the breakdown of American security, and the story will grow even as the economy doesn’t over the next two months.

Pressed yesterday for a concise reply to the “Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive” couplet, that’s what I came up with: “The threat is growing and the economy isn’t.”

The Brief Against Obama actually needs book length, but the short course is as follows:

*He has wrecked the “recovery,” and is in the process of insisting on a recession via massive tax hikes as an exercise in the politics of envy. Unemployment is actually much higher than 8.2% and the president’s policies are shutting the door on the prospects of a hiring surge.

*He has run up astounding amounts of debt that will cause the dollar to weaken and inflation to arrive with vengeful force.

*He has wrecked Medicare by looting it of $500 billion and Obamacare’s roll out via the IPAB will institute rationing for seniors even as premiums in the private sector skyrocket and Medicaid collapses.

*He is stripping the military of men and assets, reducing the American nuclear deterent even as he denies our conventional forces of their edge via deep across-the-board cuts.

*He telegraphs weakness to all of our enemies and our enemies respond.

*He is stacking the courts with hard-left judges –includin gone who struck down even his own detention policy Friday– and will stack the Supreme Court with more votes for the full flowering of government in a secodn term likely to see at least two vacancies.

What’s not to like about a ruined America?

If you haven’t yet dug for the Romney/Ryan contribution and the cash to help one or more Senate candidates (starting with Mandel in Ohio, Allen in Virginia and mack in Florida where their GOTV matters so much to the top of the ticket), then please do so today.



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