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Thursday, November 2, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

An e-mail:

Hi Hugh~

I just got off the phone with the OC Register news desk. I called this
morning and ranted about them not running the great picture of our
soldiers with their “Halp Jon Carry” sign. To their credit, they
returned the call. The man I spoke with was unfamiliar with the
picture, but enough readers had complained to pique his interest. (How
could he not be aware of it??) He asked me where I saw it, and I told
him it was all over the internet. When he asked for a site, I sent him
to Powerline. He had never heard of Powerline. (??!!) He explained
that the AP didn’t make that picture available to them. I told them
that the NY Post ran it. He quickly did a little internet searching
and ascertained that the photo had come from a radio station in
Minnesota, and the AP is now making it available. I asked him if they
would be running the picture tomorrow, and he said that it’s not
really news anymore. I told him that the apology is not being
well-received by the military, and as far as they’re concerned, the
story is not over. He told me that the military is not supposed to be
politically active! I told him that this isn’t political on their
part; they were insulted by a US senator with a history of insulting
and slandering the military. They’ve just been insulted again and been
given an insufficient “apology” which they don’t accept. He said
thanks for the info and basically ended our conversation.
So frustrating that the paper I subscribe to has people on staff – the
“news staff” – who are so woefully uninformed. Time to cancel?
Thank you for your wonderful show!

Janet G_____
Newport Beach

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