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Achenbach Unplugged, The Sequel (Bumped)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The WaPo’s Joel Achenbach makes a return visit to the program today, in an extended conversation about the columnist’s politics, assessment of the war, and approach to serious subjects. The transcript will take some time, but will be worth the read, and the interview worth the listen.

Achenblog is here.

Oh, Christopher Hitchens leads off the program, follwed by Bill Roggio from Khandahar.


Joel’s take on the conversation, posted on his blog:

Masochist Watch: I just got off the horn with Hugh Hewitt, I think the interview will run tonight, if anyone wants to listen. It was maybe 15 percent less adversarial than last week’s. It never devolved into an actual intellectual discussion, and I don’t know what parts of it will actually air.

“Devolved?” I interview. You decide.

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