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Accutane, Marijuana and California’s Prop 19

Friday, July 9, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My column this week concerns the long term impacts of marijuana use and California’s coming vote in November on whether to legalize the possession and use of dope. I point to the emerging knowledge about the impacts of past use of Accutane –IBS and various tough diseases like Crohn’s– as a caution about the unknown, long term consequences of drug use, though the comments suggest that proponents of legalization are absolutely convinced that nothing bad ever has or ever will be proven to be connected to marijuana use. The people who took Accutane who have contacted me for help in pursuing their claims no doubt didn’t think they were taking anything with adverse long term side effects either.

I have opened a thread on the subject at The Hughniverse for those who prefer the conversation to be serious. Prop 19 is about even in the polls, but unless funded opposition appears, rolling legalization may win its biggest victory to date in November in the Golden State.


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