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Wednesday, December 5, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

A low-level Clinton volunteer forwards an anti-Obama smear, and Peter Daou responds, correctly, that it has nothing to do with Mrs. Clinton or her campaign.  Marc Ambinder has the full story.  This reflects not at all on Senator Clinton and her campaign, and that should be immediately obvious.  Campaigns are vast, sprawling things, and the worst judgments of the low-level staffers have nothing —nothing— to do with the qualifications of the candidate to be president. 

What a strange campaign.  Half the day is spent discussing Iran’s certain nuclear ambitions and the NIE, and the other half Obama smears and anti-Mormon fanaticism.

There are very important issues, and absurd, stupid issues.  This e-mail, like Romney’s contractors’ hires, are in the latter category, and the inability to distinguish between the two divides serious commentators from bozos with keyboards.

Go to Powerline and read Scott Johnson’s and Paul Mirengoff’s takes on the NIE, here and here.  This is the best of the new media.

Obsession with a low-level volunteer’s e-mail is the flip side of the new media order.

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