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About that Stalin fellow…

Wednesday, December 14, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

OCBlog reviews yesterday’s interview with Michael Hiltzik.

And from Sean in Arcadia:

Hugh, great interview with Michael “The World is Flat” Hiltzik of the Times.

Though, most of the credit should go to Hiltzik, as he took the bait by executing the gameplan YOU wanted him to, of walking into the lion’s den and avoiding questions, stonewalling, denying, and occasionally counteracting with some theoretical questions about comparing the evil of Mao to “other” evils, such as Senate Hearings (!!!)

My scorecard called it a first round knockout, as he found himself against the ropes by whining about the Nixon Library when you asked if he would answer the same questions you recently asked of the Columbia J School students.

The knockout punch was thrown when he began whining and carrying on about being asked if he voted for Kerry—even though it is clear from reading his blog and columns that he is a committed Democrat.

That was a hilarious exchange……he thought that refusing to answer the question was maintaing his “cover”! That’s like singer Boy George of Culture Club believing that refusing to answer whether or not he’s gay enables him to maintain the “ambiguity” of his sexual orientation !

The Sandy Berger comparison was spot-on. While we can all agree that Berger is both a “partisan,” and an “ideologue,” the reason you wouldn’t want him snooping around the Nixon Archives is because he’s IRRESPONSIBLE. The same can be said about Bob Woodward, based on writing “The Final Days.”

And, of course, it was brilliant of you to get Hiltzik to admit that Woodward is irresponsible in 2005, just as you believed Woodward was back in 1990, based on the 1976 book.

Keep up the good work !

Sean, in Arcadia, CA

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