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About That “Fundamental Transformation”

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Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, and he accomplished it.  Though not necessarily in the way he promised and most certainly not in a way that people liked.  Instead of making healthcare affordable for all, we got astronomically rising prices and unfathomable bureaucracy.  Instead of affordable higher education, we got campus protests – in other words paying ever more money for kids to do things that are not studying.  The middle class continued to depart from our nation throughout his administration.  But the most apparent of his broken promises at this moment is in his desire to favor the everyman over “Wall Street” we have seen the rise of the entertainment elite.  Rather than level the field, Obama just created a different elite.  And it sure as heck should be obvious that the nation is fed up with its entertainment elite.

Hollywood had a horrible summer.  We’re not talking a downturn here, we’re talking gawd-awful.  And if the host’s callers this morning are any indication our sports/entertainment is fairing no better:

It is pretty clear the nation has had it with our entertainment elites.  There are a few messages that the entertainment elite are trying to shove down our throats that people simply will not have.

  1. Most people recognize the incredible irony of African-Americans in a league the minimum annual wage of which is more than most people in the country will accumulate in a lifetime complaining about racism.  Yes, racism exists, but institutional barriers to success based on race are eradicated and I am sorry to break this to people, but there will always be jerks among us.
  2. Most Americans are tired of the inmates running the asylum.  Owners kowtowing to players – college administrators not getting a handle on student miscreants….  They are sick and tired of working very hard for a minimalist lifestyle and watching the elite in universities and entertainment act like spoiled children.
  3. Americans really do not like getting “lessons” in propriety and values from an entertainment elite that contains gunfights, serial marital infidelitywife beaters, and a plague of paternity suits.

I could go on like that for a while – the depiction of homosexuality in our media is so disproportionate to the actual reality as to feel like a force feeding,  Washington D.C. is not the only place in a bubble.

The bottom line is this, there is nothing “elite” about being entertaining.  Entertainment is what we do with our disposable time and income which by definition makes it a second, or third, tier concern in our lives.  Nobody begrudges people making a living that way, but we expect people that do so to keep it in perspective.  There are just too many entertainment choices available today.  Why would I watch the NFL try to tell me how bad I am when I can watch antique Hee Haw reruns on RFDTV on Sunday afternoon and be uplifted by really bad, corny jokes and the occasional gospel song?

A little more than a week ago I pointed out, “People do not have a problem with changes in business and jobs, they have a problem with changes in culture. ”  In particular they have a problem with cultural change that is forced upon them in some artificial fashion.  Cultural change has happened throughout history, but it has been in the form of an evolution.  Genuine cultural change has not come based on a proclamation from “on high” – whether “on high” is the White House, the Supreme Court, Hollywood or the NFL.

Further, genuine cultural change does not evolve unless it has a solid foundation.  The great cultural upheavals of the Civil War and the Civil Rights movements had a foundation in justice, further under-girded by Judeo-Christian ethics.  What foundation do the current efforts to reorder our culture have other than a bunch of hurt feelings and perceived slights?

In that same post a little over a week ago I said:

Through my life I have coped with all the changes in no small measure by building my personal culture around my church.  No matter where I went there was a place where the culture was constant, the values never changed, and the smiles were always wide.

The kind of cultural change Obama sought, and so many took the ride with him, has roots much deeper in people’s souls than anything government or entertainment can touch.  It’s easy to say culture is wrong and needs to change, but if you want to do something about it quit saying and get down here and build a foundation.


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