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ABC News: “No Huckaboom In New Hampshire”

Wednesday, December 5, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The finding in the latest Granite State poll:

All told, just more than a month before the Jan. 8 primary, 37 percent of likely Republican voters in New Hampshire support Romney, 20 percent McCain and 16 percent Giuliani. Huckabee trails with 9 percent support, about the same as Ron Paul’s 8 percent. Fred Thompson has 4 percent.

Huckabee’s New Hampshire support about matches his average (7 percent) in polls from 10 other organizations since October. No Iowa-style surge for the Arkansan here.

Emphasis added.  This is the same poll as noted below, but the emphasis on Huckabee’s inability to take momentum out of Iowa and into New Hampshire illustrates again that a vote for Huck in Iowa, is a vote for Rudy as the nominee.

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