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ABC News’ Jake Tapper wants evidence of monolithic MSM bias? Look no further than coverage of Iraq.

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There are several places in the epic Jake Tapper-Hugh Hewitt podcast that warrant comment, but this statement near the end of the interview by Mr. Tapper really stands out.

I do think that you need to…I understand that you think that we’re all this, and we’re all that, and I do think that I would ask that you, as somebody who is influential with many Americans, with your radio show and your blog and your column, sometimes reporters are honestly trying to do the job, to be as objective as possible, to get stories out there, to inform the American people of all stripes, and I don’t think you give us the benefit of the doubt.  
The top political story of the week was not David Vitter’s marital indiscretions, but the Democrats in both chambers of Congress, along with a handful of media-weary Republicans in the Senate, renewing with vigor their attempt to keep a promise to their anti-war fringe base and demand a date certain withdrawal of forces from Iraq, regardless of the conditions on the ground there, and notwithstanding any evidence that General David Petraeus’ surge might just be working. 

Outside of a handful of internet reporting such as the indispensible Michael Yon, and brilliant reporting by the New York Times’ John Burns, here is what the three networks’ nightly news had to say last night about events on the ground.

Terry McCarthy on ABC News’ World News Tonight files a 2 minute piece, fighting relentless south of Baghdad, Triangle of Death, full of extremists.Clip of Petraeus saying this is al Qaeda. Second clip of Petraeus saying no one is happy about lack of progress of Iraqi government. Third clip of Petraeus saying he can’t worry about Washington, he has to stay focused on the job at hand. Wrap up by McCarthy saying how tough fighting is south of Baghdad. Nothing about progress anywhere, or any signs of surge success. 

On NBC Nightly News, Jim Miklaszewski reports on a rogue Iraqi police officer that was captured by U.S. Special Forces, and ambushed by the rest of the Iraqi rogue police unit. No American casualties, outcome is six dead Iraqi bad cops, seven dead militia.  No report whatsoever that the surge may be working.  Instead, impression is given that Iraqi security is increasingly infiltrated by Iranian forces, and we can’t tell good cops from bad cops.

Jim Axelrod on CBS News reports no progress by both U.S. and Iraqi troops in former al Qaeda strongholds in Baquba and Ramadi, but instead hypes up two squishy Republican Senators who are breaking ranks and requesting a plan to draw down U.S. forces. 

Watch them for yourself, and ask yourself if Jake Tapper is right, that the MSM reporters, in this case Iraq war reporters, are honestly trying to do a good job, are trying to be as objective as possible, and are getting stories out there.  The stories are getting out there, but there is nothing objective about them.  And the cumulative effect of these stories by a media elite that is sympathetic to the anti-war left permeates the mood of the American public toward the war in Iraq.

Subsequently, this leads to the handful of Republican senators who are more worried about what reelect polls are telling them rather than analyzing the status on the ground as it is, and coming to the clear conclusion that the performance of General Petraeus and the U.S. military deserves to be given more time to fully execute the surge.

Mr. Tapper requested that Hugh, in his position of influence, give MSM the benefit of the doubt in how they are trying to do their job. Perpahs that can begin the moment the same MSM, in their position of influence, begin to give General Petraeus and the troops the same benefit of the doubt by covering the sincerity and intent of their job, and fairly report on the progress and outcome of the surge. 

Posted by Generalissimo. 


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