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A Tale of Two Videos: Second Term Obama Fears and FedEx Forecasts

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Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades has a memo out this morning designed to draw attention ot Barack Obama’s blunt declaration that he believes in redistribution, and at the same time, to contrast the president’s ideology with Mitt Romney’s belief in the opportunity society.

Shrewd timing, and an excellent way to keep the latest boomerang moment for the MSM moving Team Romney’s way.

Last week the combined forces of the Manhattan-Beltway media elite declared that Romney’s presser on the Cairo Embassys embrace of appeasement was a disaster, but Rasmussen and Gallup have now effectively proven all those voices not merely wrong by a bit, but wholly, completely and embarassingly wrong.

The latest Gallup from the swing states shows a 2 point lead for POTUS –among all registered voters, which means a slight lead for Romney among likely voters, which is what Rasmussenn has been showing for days.

Now MSM and some center-right pundits who just don’t like Romney very much have declared another meltdown, but in fact yesterday’s dueling videos looks like another boomerang for the MSM.

Will any member of the scribbling set be willing to confess error if they got their declarations of inevtiable doom wrong two weeks in a row?

Note as well that Romney’s secret video brought everyone on to the field –“big time,” as Dick Cheney used to say, with love, about New York Times’ reporters. If you didn’t hear Rush yesterday, you missed a great moment in radio, in which his declaration “This election is about stoppoing Barack Obama,” crystalized and energized the conservative faithful with a precision not heard in a long time.

Romney, many are quick to tell us, is not a perfect coandidate. But he is a very good man and he will make a very fine president. Ceratinly I don’t think any candidate in recent history is as generous-hearted as Romney, as sincerely humble about the origins of his talents and their uses, or as dedicated to the “good.” This deep faith upsets some and repells others, especially among the most cycnical.

But it will work with voters –is working with voters– because it is authentic.

The 47% are not fleeing Romney as the smart set told us would happen. First, they don’t see themselves as the 47% even if they didn’t pay income taxes last year. They paid a lot during their working lives, and they know that Romney wasn’t talking about them. The opportunity people who are down on their luck –they don’t begrudge Romney his candor either. If Romney has said 37% there wouldn’t even be a debate about the video, and eventually the folks for whom it does matter –the very few for whom it does matter– will get to the end of the video and see that Romney is aiming for the 10 to 15% of the thoughtful middle. Hmmm? Wonder who independents and thoughtful moderates identify with?

Obama’s “redistribution” video, that is a different sort of impact, a reinforcing “admission against interest,” whch combined with the whisper to Medvedev, raisies a huge concern about Second Term Obama. MSM dismisses both. They doesn’t fit their narative. But Drudge plus talk radio plus Fox News is by far a more efficient purveyor of information than all the kings horses and all the king’s men of the Manhattan-Beltway media elite. The worry over Second Term Obama is already out there and rightly working deeper and deeper into voters’ consciousness. Obama put it there. Team Romney puts the spotlight on it.

Voting is underway in North Carolina and starts soon in Iowa, and in early October in Ohio and Florida. The race is well and truly on, and now all the Romney resources start to flood the battle ground states. Ebergy and resolve are with the “Stop Obama” side, not with his convention goers and union cadres?

Did you see this lede from the New York Times?: “FedEx says the global economy is stalling and that the situation is likely to get worse next year.”

That’s Obamanomics’ chickens coming home to roost, just as the foreign policy president’s appeasement brought the birds home last week.

All of Obama’s plans are crashing, just as his bounce did, and the declaration on Letterman last night that we don’t have to worry about the debt short term? Well, just perfect. He’s living on our credit cards.

Not a good position with seven weeks to go. Not a good position at all.


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