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A Superb Idea

Saturday, November 25, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From the in box:

I’d like to make a request that may have some broad applicability. I’ve discussed with my parents and my wife’s family that this year we give to armed services charities en lieu of gifts of things we don’t really need. We’re not hurting nor are we rich. We don’t want to make a political statement; we want to help the families of those who have contributed to America at a level that most of us don’t. You’ve been a good source in the past of worthwhile ideas. Fyi; between our families we will probably contribute a couple of thousand. Could you suggest worthwhile organizations and aid functions? My wife and I have a list but there are probably others that deserve support.
If you were to acknowledge this in your blog, don’t use our name. Let’s focus on organizations we need to support.
If this is not blog material could you still send a list? We’re committed to this idea.
Let me start off with the three with which I have worked and about which I am extremely confident of their integrity and efficiency:
There are many other wonderful groups, and I hope MudvilleGazette and Blackfive post their suggestions as well.
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