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A Speech on Blogging Worth Reading

Tuesday, December 6, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My friend John Mark Reynolds is a philosophy professor at Biola University, and a happy and effective warrior in the culture wars. The honors program that he leads hosted the first GodBlogCon in October, and Professor Reynolds delivered the opening address, Part I of which is now available online. I was not there to hear the address, but I very much like the opening, but given this paragraph, of course I would:

Anyone who has lived through Internet revolution has to worry about falling for the Next Big Thing. Now Hugh Hewitt, himself Renaissance like in his work as both a legal scholar and radio host, has written a book comparing blogging to the invention of movable type. Is it rational to be this excited about blogging or is Hewitt just falling for more Internet hype? Whenever I read big claims about new technology, my assumption is that these claims are quite mad or that someone is trying to sell me a book. Of course, this is remotely possible! Hewitt is a sober person, but he is in the entertainment industry after all. He would not gain listeners by comparing blogging to the invention of the disposable lighter. However, I would actually like to defend Hewitt’s general contention. I actually think that he’s right.

Give yourself some time to read the whole thing. Professor Reynolds is on to something.

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