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A “Slice” for Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 26, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Need a read this Thanksgiving Day? Here’s a transcript of yesterday’s conversation with Mark Steyn on Climategate. Here’s the transcript of the God debate between Dinesh D’Sousa and Michael Shermer. (Audio of Steyn and the debate is at the Hughniverse, as is an open thread on the debate at the blog there.)

Long car ride ahead today? Never fear, as we will replay the entire show from last month featuring the studio interview of Five for Fighting’s John Ondrasik. John takes us inside the process of a musician working in 2009 on a new album release (or whatever it is called today), including the stories behind the title cut and the hit “Chances” which is the key song in the hit movie The Blind Side.

John is a great supporter of the American military, and will shortly be making available CD for the Troops III, but today’s show is about an artist’s staying on top through the tumultuous past decade when techonolgy turned the music business upside down and inside out. Every musician, especially aspiring ones, should give it a listen. You can listen online at or from 3 to 6 PM Pacific, or on from 9 to midnight, EST.

You can order Slice here.

If hearing “Chances” today reminds you of your applause at the end of The Blind Side, please also consider hitting the button above or at the side for Children International and sponsoring a child in the Dominican Republic. My account of my trip to the DR last year is here, and the needs on the island have grown greater since then as the recession in America is a depression in the toursin-dependent islands of the Caribbean. “Adopting” one of these children won’t be as dramatic as the Touhys taking in Michael Oher, but the impact on the life of the child you sponsor and get to know will be incredibly dramatic and indeed life-saving.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

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