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A Representative E-mail On the RNC

Tuesday, March 30, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From the overflowing in-box:

No words can explain the absolute stupidity of the RNC at a time like this. They must know full well what the stakes are right now and how desperately we need everyone on board pulling in the same direction. The American people are crying out to find ethical, money-saving politicians they can trust. But then what does the RNC do to earn that trust? They go out and spend money like drunken sailors at strip clubs and $1,000 a night hotel rooms, as if no one would care in the slightest. Are these people insane, or what? It makes you want to scream and just give up. I’m trying to support a dozen or more different races throughout the country when my own business has never been worse. I’m doing this at great personal sacrifice in order to help get this country turned around, but these guys just made the effort all the more difficult because of their selfish, infantile and completely thoughtless acts. Don’t these people get it-don’t they understand what is going on here? Are there any truly great leaders left in this country today?

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