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A Question For Fence Sitters

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I am giving a speech in a couple of weeks at a Romney event in Orange County, California. It will be about the likely contours of the general election. If there are any genuine fence sitters out there –in either the primary or the general– drop me an e-mail at and tell me what you are waiting to see or hear. (Spare me the anonymous comments, which like anonymous comments on blogs, are worth the paper they aren’t written on.)

UPDATE: An example, from CH in South Carolina:

Hi Hugh,

I’m a Romney/Guliani fence sitter. I don’t have any specific issues
with either candidate and could enthusiastically support either as
things stand right now. I think the challenge for each of them is to
keep public attention for such a long time without making a
disastrous gaffe. Trying too hard to find the exact issue that will
turn the tide now might be a recipe that disaster. I’d say keep
cool, stay on message and wait for opportunities that will arise.
Both of these guys are going after Dems and I like that.

I’ve seen Mitt twice in Spartanburg and he has been impressive. His
appearances here made him a top contender in my view. Prior to those
appearances I wouldn’t have rated him as highly.

And this one:

Prof. Hewitt,

I’ve been registered as a Republican since my 18th birthday (I’m now
29), I’ve voted Republican in every gubernatorial and presidential
election since then. I’m on the fence when it comes to the GOP this
time – there’s literally no one that I find appealing enough to vote
for, let alone support.

A few of my bona fides: I have a degree in Poli Sci from Long Beach
State (class of 2000) and a JD from Chapman (class of 2005, studied
Con Law under now Dean Eastman), I blog at and
have a pretty strong libertarian streak.

I don’t know what I am waiting for, specifically. As Justice Stewart
said, “I know it when I see it”. Quite frankly, none of the
candidates have inspired me. We’ve heard constantly how “this is a
different type of war”, but no candidate has shown any inclination
that he/she will actually take the time to rethink the methods that
we have used and fight this different type of war in a different
way. None have shown a commitment (in my eyes) to protecting civil
liberties while also prosecuting the war. None have shown much
respect for international law (and the countless treaties that we
were the driving cause behind during the Cold War). None have shown
much interest in doing anything but continuing the 50% 1 mentality
that has permeated DC in the last seven years, and instead attempt to
be a leader for the entire Republic.

I guess, what I am looking for is someone in the mold of T.
Roosevelt, F. Roosevelt, J. Kennedy, or R. Reagan. Unfortunately, I
don’t see anyone who comes close. Just my thoughts.



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