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A New York State of Mind

Thursday, September 23, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The New York Times notes that Andrew Cuomo isn’t looking quite so invulnerable any more, and Powerline’s Scott Johnson reviews the data on the Senate race which has Democrats worrying over appointed Senator Gillibrand.

Guy Benson adds even more detail at The Tipsheet.

Just add money, as the old saying goes. The ebullient Joe DioGuardi was a guest on my show last week and perhaps Duane can post the audio of that conversation here, and my guest host today, Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey may want to call some attention to the New York Republicans shaking up the Empire State, where voters seem to know they are as screwed economically as the rest of the country. Andrew Cuomo’s going to lead them? Kirsten Gillibrand represents them?

You can contribute to DioGuardi here.

If this news from New York isn’t enough to make you smile, see Instapundit’s bulletins on Barney Frank’s race in Massachusetts. Maybe word of the Dodd-Frank Bubble behind all the misery has penetrated even the Bay State’s consciousness.


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