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A Mormon In The White House?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From RealClearPolitics blog:

Romney Leads in Another New Iowa Poll
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Strategic Vision is out with a new poll in Iowa. It’s the third poll released in the last eight days showing Mitt Romney moving into the lead, and SV has Romney surging 12 points versus their last survey at the beginning of April:

Romney 20
Giuliani 18
McCain 16
F. Thompson 10
T. Thompson 7
Gingrich 5
Undecided 12

Romney now leads by 3.8% in the RCP Average for Iowa.

On the Democratic side, Edwards, Obama and Richardson ticked up from SV’s last survey by 2,4 and 5 points, respectively, while Hillary slid 3 points into the mid-teens:

Edwards 29
Obama 24
Hillary 16
Richardson 9
Undecided 16

Overall, Edwards’ lead in the RCP Average remains fairly steady at 4.7%.

Why is Romney surging in Iowa and New Hampshire?  Read Chapter Nine. Actually, read the entire book.

And these numbers can’t reflect the McCain meltdowns of this week.

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