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A Mormon In The White House

Sunday, May 6, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I was a guest on the Fox News Channel this afternoon.  The subject was whether or not the new movie about the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857 would be a problem for Mitt Romney.  Because I am a non-Mormon who has written a book about Romney and the specter of religious bigotry impacting the campaign, I expected to be asked whether or not the movie would hurt Romney.  I gave the obvious response: Not unless we expect Urban VIII’s prosecution of Galileo or the execution of Servetus under Calvin’s authority to impact Rudy or McCain –a Catholic and a Presbyterian– respectively.

The host then brought up a video she had seen on YouTube that was anti-Mormon and Warren Jeffs’ polygamy, at which point I said, rather bluntly, that MSM has got to knock this off.  There are a legion of rabid anti-Mormons out there, and if the MSM is going to use their stuff, they might as well use the racist stuff that will be thrown against Senator Obama.  Bigoted extremists normally don’t get air time in America, and the fact that it is Romney’s religion rather than Obama’s race that is the target doesn’t change the equation for producers.

This isn’t hard stuff.  I suggest the folks covering the campaign read my book, and also visit Article VI Blog daily. 

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