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A Missing Post from Los Angeles Times’ Top of the Ticket Blog

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In my column this week, “An Army of Sarahs,” and in a post, I referenced a post at the Los Angeles Times’ Top of the Ticket Blog by reporter Andrew Malcolm..

The post referenced controversial comments by a leading Canadian doctor on how Sarah and Todd Palin’s decision to have Trig Palin might lead to a decrease in abortions. Readers have alerted me that the post is now missing. I can’t find it either.

A PDF of the missing post is here. Click on image to view.

This may be simply a technical glitch, but if not, the Times should explain what happened and why.

Two other notes from this morning’s e-mail intake.

First, regarding the attack launched by Obama on McCain for not using the computer when it is widely known (and reported) that McCain’s wartime torture makes use of the keyboard very difficult if not impossible, one correspondent noted: “McCain can’t e-mail, but Obama can’t Google.” True enough.

And then this e-mail on why the Palin phenomenon is growing so rapidly:

First of all, thank you for your intelligent talk show. I am a big fan and feel I learn so much each day in your “classroom.” I no longer expose myself to regular media outlets, or newspapers (over 2 yrs) but rely on all my conservative talk show friends for updates, happenings and continued education.
I am no different than so many of the first time enthusiastic callers this week. Being the oldest of seven, I can relate to the challenge of family and responsibility.
I have learned over the 50 years that if you have a strong family unit in place, there isn’t anything you can’t conquer or accomplish. You wear many hats at different times of your life. My father suffered a recent stroke. We are finding it essential to wear many hats to survive this period, you are a nurse, caretaker, nutritionist/cook, chauffeur. You do whatever it takes to make the best of the situation. With a strong family foundation, I feel the Palin household has done the same thing. With each progression up the ladder, they have adjusted and taken on new roles, from the husband down to dear sweet Piper. The media is so hooked on the notion of discrediting her decision to accept the VP by saying she is an irresponsible mother of five and will neglect her duties as wife and mother. I say the family unit will be better for it. Their growth will be immeasurable and serve them well throughout their lifetime.

It isn’t just families that have faced the specific problems that the Palins have faced that are identifying with Sarah, Todd and children. It seems many families that have survived rough patches are extraordinarily supportive as well. The Manhattan-Beltway elite and the Obamians keep throwing stones and everything else they can find, but the Army of Sarahs just keeps growing.


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