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“A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Egypt” –Chris Matthews

Sunday, January 30, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Chris brings his reputation for precision and careful delivery to the discussion of Egypt and its Panama Canal.

A slip of the tongue, right?

Chris Matthews has been savaging Michele Bachmann for the past week in the most uncivil terms, the sort of attacks on public figures that many thought had been set aside in the aftermath of the Tucson massacre.

Different rules apply for Chris and for his network NBC, because Chris thinks he’s a pretty sharp guy on a pretty sharp network. Thus when Bachmann is less than clear in her remarks about the role of John Quincy Adams in the campaign to end slavery, Chris turns it into an indictment of her intelligence and pounds on it again and again in a most uncivil, indeed some would say demented way. When he gets spun up over the fact that I note he has doubled down over the crazy argument that political rhetoric inspired the Tucson killer, he conflates me and Glenn Beck in what most people would judge to be more than a little frenzied.

Both are just two recent examples of an almost nightly unwinding of the Matthews’ psyche that underscores why his network ought not to be running the first GOP debate, whether or not Chris is in the room or on the phone or connected by blackberry. Mr. Panama Canal is NBC, and NBC is Chris Matthews. And the sports guy from the far, far way-out-there west.


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