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A Little Steyn On Your Christmas Eve?

Thursday, December 24, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Take a moment to read Mark’s take on Prince William’s “sleeping rough” adventure and on the advantages of “dull, reliable” gifts.

Yesterday’s “worst gift ever” show was very funny and often touching. You can listen to it at the Hughniverse, and if you aren’t yet a member, give yourself a last minute Christmas present and join. Lileks is snowed in in Minnesocold, so his “Private Label” posting should not be missed.

Have a wonderful Christmas. “Repeal the Deal” postings resume tomorrow.

UPDATE: The Ben Nelson Blowback in nebraska begins. How long until they are calling him “Bag Man Ben?”

He’s got a chance to change back and save his reputation and his job, and my guess is the former is much, much more important to the senator. He made a spectacular misjudgment about what his constituents believed and wanted, but he can repair that with a candid admission of error.

Meanwhile, scores of Democratic congressmen are watching the Nelson saga unfold. Help them understand what it means with a call via the “Take Further Action” button in the “Free Our Healthcare Box” in the right hand column, and with a contribution to

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