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A Letter To Senator Warner

Tuesday, January 23, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I was copied on this e-mail from F.T.S. of Virginia, to his senator, John Warner: 

Senator Warner; I am writing you as a conservative deeply concerned about our national security, our ongoing long war against Islamo-fascist terrorism, and the challenge of maintaining my sanity in the face of a new majority party in Congress which seems hell bent on destroying our ability to prevail in this conflict. Watching your pusillanimous display on the news yesterday regarding your “non-binding” resolution in opposition to the President’s new initiative in Iraq has led me to one conclusion.

While I offer you my deeply felt appreciation for your service to our country, in uniform, as SECNAV, and as a senator from my state of Virginia; I must inform you that after what I saw of you yesterday, your actions as well as your semi-hysterical attempt at justifying a divisive and ultimately damaging resolution, I can no longer support you ever again for public office. You have, in show business terms, “jumped the shark” and forever placed yourself in a position from whence I can never support you again.

In addition, I will send no more funds to the RNC, to the Republican Senate and House campaign committees, or any other group raising funds for the re-election of Republican office holders until the GOP regains its sanity. I say this because I have been disabused of my prior belief that the Republican Party would continue its position as a staunch supporter of our national security and our troops in the field. The actions of you and your fellow Republican senators yesterday prove to me that you support neither! You people have no more understanding of what is at stake or stomach for the grueling conflict we face world wide than the pantywaist McGovernites who infest the Democrat party. Therefore, I must part company with the party I have supported and forwhose candidates I have voted since November, 1964, when I cast my first vote. When you and other GOP office holders act in ways that I can support, I may vote for you once more.

In closing, I can express my disgust best with the words of Cromwell to the British Rump Parliament: “I bid you, go! You have sat too long here for any good you have done lately. Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God

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