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A Good Speech by a Good Man

Thursday, September 15, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Perfect pitch returned tonight, and the president’s looks backward and forward were on target. As Chris Matthews observed, it sounded a little LBJ/FDR-like in its vows about the underclass of the recovery region, but that is exactly why it worked so well: That is what needs to happen, and he identified the best approaches in the empowerment of entrepeneurs and the retraining of the evacuees. The enterprise zone could prove a turbo charged motor to the effort, and the promise of innovation was well delivered.

So too was the emphasis of the president on the private side of the relief effort, on the central issue of home ownership, and of the need for local union to help local union, small congregation to help its similarly situated cousin, for every American to stay committed. The president’s sincere faith connected with Americans of sincere faith, and the weeks and months ahead will show again and again that this trust in the avergae American’s good will is well placed.

Finally, the serious notes he sounded on the need to review and improve the emergency plans across the country, and to empower the American military to become the first responder when scale requires it, was exceptionally well delivered. Millions of Americans had to have heard this portion of the speech from this man and concluded that he is very serious indeed about fixing the gaps.

And except for his bitter opponents, they will trust him to move the reforms forward.

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