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A Couple of Columns

Sunday, July 25, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Before I vanish beyond the internets for week two of vacation, I point you to my column in tomorrow’s, which returns to the “Ackerman Question.”’s Michael Moynihan has a great piece on JournoList as well.

And take a look at, which has spent a week focused on the future of the Roman Catholic Church in America and this week turns to the same question vis-a-vis the evangelical movement. I contributed a piece to last week’s forum but it could as easily have run this coming week, as the two subjects are so closely intertwined., btw, is a relatively new and very well constructed site devoted to faith. It is now bookmarked along with Mark D. Roberts, Al Mohler and First Principlesas places where I can find first rate theology and faith-informed commentary on politics and public affairs.


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