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A Comprehensive Guide To The Insanity of Issuing a Visa to Khatemi

Thursday, August 31, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Powerline’s Scott Johnson assembles all the background as well as the necessary response to the idea of “Khatami as reformer.”

The president should use today’s defiance by Iran of the UN Security Council deadline to revoke the visa. Suggested statement:

The United States has done everything it could to encourage Iran to comply with the United Nation’s Security Council Resolution, including participation in the generous offer of incentives fashioned by the EU and others, and even including the issuance of a visa to Iran’s former President Khatami, done with the idea that reasonable action by the Iranian regime would be met with reasonable steps by the United States to establish dialogue.  I did not respond to the provocations of the current president of iran in the hopes that he was not speaking for the regime but in fact represented an extreme faction that was itself not representative of the government, and which we know is not reperesentative of the Iranian people.  I was pleased that German Chancellor Merkel showed the same restraint when confronted with another provocation from President Ahmadinejad.

Unfortunately, Iran has decided it will not comply with the world’s demands.  It has chosen the course of the rogue regime, and though many will not be surprised, all should be disappointed and alarmed.  The world cannot allow rogue regimes access to nuclear weapons.

After consultations with our allies and deliberations at the Security Council, I will announce our response to the Iranian threat to the world.  Today I am announcing that the visa to Ayatollah Khameni is cancelled.  We will not provide a stage for anyone from an outlaw regime.  We offered Iran a different course.  Iran has refused it.  We will refuse Iran any cover for the nature of their regime, which is a fascist state that sponsors terror around the world.

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