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A Censure Vote? Only if the GOP Fights For It.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Arizona’s Jon Kyl sounded as though the momentum for a vote on the Feingold censure resolution may be fading, and he cited the press of crucial business as a reason for a possible decision by the GOP to let the Dems escape the Feingold trap. (The transcript will be up at shortly.)

I have great admiration for Senator Kyl, but disgaree that there is more pressing business than this debate. Every time an elected Democrat comes up with nutter feed, whether Murtha in the fall or feingold in the spring, Republicans must insist on exposing whatever the flavor of the day is in the swamp to the realities of a floor vote.

If The GOP allows the Democrats to walk away, they will have earned another McClellan comparison. (No, not that McClellan.)

And they are likely to earn the political equivalent of McClelland’s war record.

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