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A Baylor Pratfall

Wednesday, March 29, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Baylor denies Francis Beckwith tenure. As Chequer Board’s Max Gross puts it:

[F]rom the perspective of a casual observer it seems hard to avoid the conclusion that Beckwith’s denial is, well, not quite motivated by academic considerations. You’d think a major Baptist university could find a place at the table for someone of Beckwith’s theological and political views, especially given his outstanding calibre and accomplishment.

Gross also points to this comment by Rod Dreher:

Sources at Baylor tell me that the well-known Evangelical scholar Francis Beckwith was denied tenure today by Baylor University. This is major news. Dr. Beckwith, a distinguished philosopher, has what academic insiders tell me is a stellar publication record. He is nationally renown. He is also — and I suspect this is what did him in at Baylor — openly conservative. The fact that a Baptist university cannot bring itself to award tenure to a scholar of Dr. Beckwith’s stature is scandalous — and will cause shock waves beyond Waco. Watch.

The deep illness of the university world is on display again.

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