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7 Shots Down With 6 Holes To Play

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That’s where Rick Santorum finds himself –again– this morning.

Romney won 40 delegates yesterday, Rick Santorum 35.

Romney won the contests in Hawaii and American Samoa, and with his roughly 30% of the delegates out of Alabama and Mississippi, he won the delegate total for yesterday, just as he did over the weekend when his gains in Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands offset Santorum’s win in Kansas.

I elaborate over at National Review’s The Corner, and David French in the National Review symposium states it well: “It is all over but the agony.”

The agony won’t be all that agonizing except for the true believers in Rick Santorum who believe the candidate can actually get the nomination as opposed to continue to press his issues and his message in high profile forums and with growing recognition that he has much to offer a Romney Administration.

The few more primaries until the Santorum money simply runs out won’t wound Romney and may help keep the race alive until Wisconsin where there may be some benefits to Governor Walker’s recall campaign.

There will also be a couple more weeks of rolled out endorsements of Romney, even as former Pennsylvania Governor and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge endorsed the former Massachusetts governor today. It will be interesting to see what Bobby Jindal does in Louisiana, and Paul Ryan in Wisconsin.

But the nomination is as decided as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. Governor Romney will be the GOP’s nominee barring a meteor strike or President Obama announcing that the will of the people is obvious and the trifling business of elections too time consuming too continue.

Now, please take time to note that Philip Klein’s catch yesterday, that the 10-year price tag of Obamacare was revised upward by the Congressional Budget Office from $940 billion to $1.76 trillion! The Supreme Court may yet save America from the fiscal nightmare that is the Obama-Pelosi-Reid-designed-Big-Government-Borg, but Team Romney should spend the next few days and then weeks hammering home that it has to be repealed before it permanently scars the country and destroys the health care system that is the envy of world.

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