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$500 for the Future? UPDATED

Saturday, May 20, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Are you willing to invest $500 in the future by contributing to the nine GOP Senate candidates that are best positioned to either retain their seats or take a blue seat red?

It is a lot of money, but the stakes are incredibly high, including success in the war and the ability to confirm good judges to the Supreme Court and the lower federal courts.

In fact, no matter what the problem is, the answer can’t be more Democrats.

Please go online and send $50 to each of these nine candidates, and then pick your favorite and send $50 more. (UPDATE: Just added Jon Kyl’s campaign, so it is 10 campaigns with $50 all around.)

If that’s just too much, then how about $25 each, or $10 each? It all matters.

A Senate majority is a terrible thing to lose, and a wonderful thing to strengthen. Dig deep:

Arizona’s Jon Kyl

Maryland’s Michael Steele

Minnesota’s Mark Kennedy

Missouri’s Jim Talent

Montana’s Conrad Burns

Nebraska’s Pete Ricketts

New Jersey’s Tom Kean

Ohio’s Mike DeWine

Pennsylvania’s Rick Santorum

Washington State’s Mike McGavick


I just walked the walk, and it takes less than 40 minutes to contribute to each of these ten campaigns. My $100 went to Mike DeWine –I am a Buckeye, after all– and I only then realized that I had forgotten that Jon Kyl is running a re-election campaign as well, so I went back and contributed there as well.

Jon Kyl is one of the senators who votes almost exactly as I would vote. He has a lead in his re-election campaign, but faces a deep pocketed opponent, so please add him to your list of worthy senate campaigns.

UPDATE 2: RightWingSparkle joins the effort! (What a great name for a blog, btw.)

Whether it is $10 for each 10 campaigns, or $50, or for the flush, $2,100, please dig deep. And there is no better time than today.

Abigail Brayden is “only mildly self employed and still willing to give,” so how about you?

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