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Behind the paywall at Commentary Magazine, Noah Rothman writes that the GND is just the latest installment in the environmental as religion movement.  He opens:

To some critics, America’s founding generation adhered to a profound misconception of human nature. The Enlightenment’s attachment to secular rationality rejected mankind’s fundamental hunger for religion. Human beings need a faith, and the secular world will never truly divorce itself from dogma.

We do have a fundamental hunger for faith of some sort.  And if that hunger goes unsated, the results are truly horrifying.  The GND, as awful as it is, and despite efforts to send it down the memory hole, is not nearly as heinous as the already faded story of the New York and Virginia late-term/near birth abortion laws.  The President hitched his re-election wagon to just how horrible those laws are in the SOTU, and I think it was a smart move.  This story must not fade, as uncomfortable as it is.  It is a stark reminder of what happens when we attempt to unhitch our wagon from faith.

At First Things this past week, Wesley J. Smith wrote of the philosophical underpinnings that give some leave to consider such things as reasonable

Princeton University’s Peter Singer is the most famous such advocate. A crass utilitarian, he argues that “being human” doesn’t have any moral import. The question of value rather depends on whether an individual exhibits the cognitive traits of a “person” over time, such as self-awareness. In this view, some human beings are non-persons—an invidious category that includes the unborn, infants, the profoundly cognitively disabled, and those who have lost their personhood through illness or injury.

Think about how fundamentally opposed that is to being even American.  After all, are we not “endowed by our Creator?

The term “Creator” is invoked in the Declaration in part to support the use of the term “inalienable.”  That is to say if the world is created that way we simply cannot change it – it is beyond us and out of our hands.  There are things beyond our ken.  Our humanity is set by our creation, not by our functionality, yet here is Dr. Singer attempting to determine just what is and is not “human.”  This, then, is what happens when we step away from faith – we attempt to make ourselves God.  This is also apparent in the overwhelming arrogance evident in the GND.

I am reminded of Isaiah 55:8-9:

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord
“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.

When we forget that very essential thing we see the results – coercion, infanticide, and worse.  This Sunday morning, as I attend church, I will seek to remind myself that I am not God, that I am subject to God, that there is so much of God that I simply cannot understand.


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