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25,000 Pledge Signers

Saturday, January 27, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Sure, they could all be wrong.  No doubt many of them have never given a dime to the NRSC.

But there is no similar site urging support for the Warner resolution or the McCain resolution –or any joke of a resolution for that matter.

And thousands of these people have in fact donated –a lot.  And they are the core that the party needs in the next cycle. 

If GOP senators and especially the GOP Senate leadership ignore the almost instant and broad-based revulsion at the prospect of doing anything other than refusing to fight with every procedural weapon and bold argument these inane resolutions which have the effect –according to General Petraeus and Secretary Gates– of encouraging and emboldening the enemy, the effect will be long lived, and the memory even longer.

No doubt the senators are urging the president to make some bland statement giving them “cover,” just as House Republicans did yesterday and just as the GOP senators did in December of 2005.  But that won’t work.  Republicans (and independents) favoring victory in the war want resolve in the Senate, not more of the same from 2005-06.  All the “goals” in the world won’t work if the Senate GOP if the caucus isn’t worth fighting for.

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