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25 Days Out: The Cleveland Advantage

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Fred Barnes is gloomy. 

Geraghty is suspicious.

Hinderaker and Lambro understand just how long three weeks and a couple f days are and how powerful the appeal of the GOP policies.

Michael Barone knows “that a lot of Americans long to return to the holiday from history that we enjoyed from the fall of the Berlin Wall in October 1989 to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. But, alas, while we were on holiday, the forces of evil determined to destroy us were gathering strength.”

So, the Dems will finally return from the political wilderness and Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Murtha, and Chairmen Conyers and Rangel will team with Majority Leader Reid and Chairman Leahy to: Force a retreat from Iraq; throw money at Kim Jong Il; talk to Ahmadinejad and then throw him a Framework Agreement;Refuse to extend the tax cuts and thus cost every American real dollars every month and large chunks of the estates of their Greatest Generation parents as they pass away; Refuse to confirm qualified judges and blockade Bush nominees in the event any of the Supreme Court’s aging elite retire?

( Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is 86. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 73. Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy are both 70. Stephen Breyer is 68. David Souter is 67.)

One of the few advantages of having been a lifelong Cleveland Indians and Browns fan is the awful knowledge that Democrats –and some Republicans– appear to lack that certain victory really isn’t so certain.  (The Indians are only team to enter the bottom of the ninth in the seventh game of the World Series with a lead and lose the series, and football fans far and wide know of The Drive and The Fumble.  And I’m not even bringing up The Shot.)

October, 2002 wasn’t easy going for the GOP either, and after the tragic death of Paul Wellstone —but before the shameless exploitation of his memorial service— very few of the pros thought much of Republican chances to hold the Senate. 

(My favorite bit of lefty fog came from the American Prospect’s Tapped, which wrote on October 30, 2002:

STANDING UP. The memorial service for Paul and Sheila Wellstone and the others who died was a remarkable event. Maybe we’re all still in shock, but watching the event on C-SPAN (we’d guess it’s going to be re-broadcast; check here or call the station at (765) 464-3080 if you don’t see it listed) as Tapped did was more inspiring than sad, and incredibly invigorating. Republicans must have been humbled — and a bit spooked — by a high-energy nationally telecast Democratic event that hammered away on winning political principles. Rick Kahn, who spoke about Paul, perhaps said it best: “Can you not hear your friend calling you, one last time, one step forward on his behalf, to keep his legacy alive and help us win this election for Paul Wellstone.” The crowd roared back with approval. Tapped would wager that progressives in Missouri and New Hampshire, South Dakota and Arkansas — and every other place where there are tight races — will get a lift from the winds created last night. We know we did.)

So to skepticism of the ability of anyone to see even ten days out much less 25, add these bits of fact:

Jim Talent has “separated” as the pros like to say from the increasingly repellant as well as simply gaffe-prone and overmatched McCaskill.

Mike DeWine is tied with hard left Sherrod Brown, and the Ohio GOTV is not broken but actually energized as the Taft folks fade away.

Conrad Burns and Rick Santorum have decisively won key debates and the focus on their opponents has given them the momentum as the absentees roll out.

And The Great Snarl on the left simply cannot control itself and is the GOP’s secret weapon.  There are other very bright spots as well, like Bob Beauprez’s gubernatorial campaign in Colorado.

I am off to Minnesota, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Ohio to report on the races in those states over the next five days, and have sent off electronic donations to the four senate campaigns above, and hope you will as well.

Win the war.  Confirm the judges. Cut the taxes. Control the spending.  Secure the borders.

Contribute here, whether its $10 or $2,100 (the max).

The GOP is committed to all five, the Dems to none. 

Burns for Senate.

DeWine for Senate.

Santorum for Senate.

Talent for Senate.




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