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The Democrats’ Victory Dance And The Anti-Beltway Gathering Storm

Monday, October 14, 2013  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The left’s amplification machine inside the Beltway is broadcasting the Beltway’s message that the Beltway has already won the shutdown showdown.

Reminds me of the tweets I sent to Larry O’Connor when the Browns lead the Lions 17-7 yesterday as halftime neared.  I may have, well, been a little ungracious.

The Browns lost 31-17.

My Monday Washington Examiner column makes the same point that lefties Nate Silver and Ezra Klein made Friday: It is much too early to declare a winner or even guess at the approximate consequences of this battle over first principles.

Politico reports that Governor Rick Perry will kick off a television and radio campaign “against D.C.” today.  The governor will also be my guest on today’s show.

D.C. and especially D.C. Democrats were in a position to defuse some of the incredible anger about Obamacare and the broken economy lying under its crushing burden.  They instead chose to force Americans into a system collapsing in real time and in the view of everyone, and to do so as sticker shock and outright coverage denial spread out across the land.  That’s all on President Obama and Harry Reid, and the Democrats are doing summersaults?

Sure.  You bet.  Believe it if you want.  The result will be clear next November.

You can get started on making that result what you think it ought to be with a contribution to any of the ActRight candidates int he right-hand column, beginning with Tom Cotton, who will also be on today’s show.

The crowing of the Beltway Left’s and the handwringing of the Beltway GOP will be difficult to stomach this morning and perhaps all week, but being in the saddle has led to the dropping of the mask, and the showing of its true character as well as its genuine indifference to the disaster that is Obamacare.

The opposition, by contrast, is led by a vanguard of veterans who are the face of the anti-Beltway gathering storm.

This is a point reinforced by the rally on the Mall yesterday, from which John Hinderaker captured some great shots, two of which are below.  Democrats won this round?  Sure, if you say so, talking heads.


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