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2008 Central

Sunday, April 8, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Yesterday I posted about a new site devoted to the presidential election, 2008 Central.

One of the operators responded with a long analysis of the Huckabee campaign, but left unremarked upon my note that I am not in a hurry to trust any site operated by anonymous analysts.

So, who are you guys (gals?) and what are your backgrounds?

It doesn’t matter if the operators are new to politics or blogging.  What would matter to me is if they are long-time operatives from left or right.  I’d still read the site, but I’d know the lie of the green.  Sort of like knowing that Peeps was a figure skater –it colors his hockey commentary.

UPDATE: See also the brand new  The arrival of new entrants tells me that the space is not yet filled with exactly what the audience wants –lots of real time, non-spun data on all of the candidates, including where they are and what they are doing each day.

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