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Monday, March 12, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Must be the first day of the book tour.  But there is a method at work, which is why the book currently sits at number 76 on Amazon. (If you looking for the easiest way to purchase, just click the banner above.)

Thanks to Carol Platt Liebau ( –I can’t get the hyperlink to work from this computer) for filing in for me today which allows me to appear on H&C.  I’ll be back in studio tomorrow –flogging the book, of course.  I may also kick off the contest to see which reader can find the 12 proofing errors –only two of which concern the intricacies of the LDS faith, and one of which is the proverbial headslapper: How did that get by four sets of eyes!  The joys and miseries of publishing. 

But the reception has been very warm, and the conversations (debates?) aboput the role of faith in a presidential campaign among the most substantive I have ever had on a book tour.  Explanations tomorrow. 

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