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10 Congressional Districts That Could Go From D to R With Your Help

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I have been featuring a lot of GOP Senate candidates on the program and the blog, and given the number of House seats that are in play, I could do one a day from now until the election and not cover all the races in which a Republican challenger could take over a Democratic seat on 11/2.

But some have e-mailed and asked for pointers to House races in which their contributions could make a difference to getting the gavel out of Pelosi’s hand. Thus this list of 10. A contribution of $25 or $50 or even $100 if you could afford it to each of them spreads your support and helps build a new majority. I’ll try as well to get each of them on the program at least once between now and 11/2. One is from Indiana and one from Pennsylvania, two from Ohio, three from Colorado and three from Arizona.

IN-9: Todd Young is an Annapolis graduate, a Marine Corps veteran, the father of six month old twins and a prosecutor. He’s young and dynamic and will represent the conservative district that Democrat Baron Hill has repeatedly let down with votes for Pelosi, the “stimulus” and Obamacare. Young will have a long, successful and principled career in Congress if he can raise enough funds between now and 11/1.

Contribute to Young’s campaign here.

PA-12: This is John Murtha’s old seat, and the GOP nominee for the district is Tim Burns, who narrowly lost a special election in the Democrat-leaning district earlier this year when a contested Democratic primary for Senate surged union turnout. Burns can win, and if early on election night 11/2 he does, we will know the tide is great indeed.

Contribute to Burns’ campaign here.

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OH-16: Jim Renacci is a successful businessman and an accountant who knew that freshman D John Bocieri would flip flop on Obamacare, and of course Bocieri did, but it won’t help the Pelosi loyalist. I have campaigned with Jim in Canton and appeared with him in Cleveland and he’s a dynamic, smart, and focused candidate and all the union money in the country won’t keep Bocieri in this seat.

Contribute to Renacci’s campaign here.

OH-18: Ohio State Senator Bob Gibbs knows this district and knows as well that Democrat Zach Space has one thing going for him –machine money from the Pelosi war-chest. If Gibbs gets enough support, this seat comes home to the remade Republican majority.

Contribute to Gibbs’ campaign here.

CO-3: Scott Tipton’s lead over the incumbent Democrat is small but stunning given the fact that John Salazar is the brother of the Secretary of the Interior and can call on the Obama Administration for lots of help, and will get it. But Salazar is a reliable Pelosi vote and Obamacare supporter, and with adequate resources, Tipton can win this one.

Contribute to Tipton’s campaign here.

CO-4: Republican nominee Cory Gardner beat my friend Tom Lucero for this opportunity to unseat liberal Betsy Markey, which means that Gardner is an exceptional candidate as was Tom. Gardner will quickly rise in House leadership and on the national stage, but in the bizarre political environment of Colorado this year, he and the other challengers for blue seats in the Rocky Mountain State need help.

Contribute to Gardner’s campaign here.

CO-7: This is one of the most closely divided districts in the country, made so by court order a decade ago, and first held by a Republican and now by a Democrat. Republican Ryan Frazier is a superb candidate who can win it back and hold it for decades to come.

Contribute to Frazier’s campaign here.

AZ-1: I have stumped with Dr. Paul Gosar in Prescott, and this dentist-turned-candidate is passionate about repealing and replacing Obamacare, and he has Pelosi-supporter Ann Kirkpatrick on the run. He had a primary that depleted his war chest, but with funds he can take this key district for the GOP.

Contribute to Gosar’s campaign here.

AZ-5: Dave Schweikert is ebullient, talented, smart and relentless, an experienced candidate who took on incumbent Harry Mitchell in 2008 against a stiff head win but who now has the momentum and the lead. All he needs is the cash. You won’t find a harder-working candidate.

Contribute to Schweikert’s campaign here.

AZ-8: Marine Corps combat veteran Jesse Kelly surprised many observers with his candidacy and then with his natural political skills. He inspired my audience when he appeared on my show after his recent primary victory, and he is pushing Gabrielle Giffords already. There is not a more clear choice anywhere n America between the Pelosi-clone Giffords and Jesse Kelly, and the race is a dead heat.

Contribute to Kelly’s campaign here.


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